From Pizza, Past Groceries, Through Pond, Under Traditions, Trolling Under Woodbridge, and Into the Cave behind Central Center

With modern development included, here’s the first part of the route of Honey Creek – figured out from various maps, surface evidence…and more:

Dogwood Hills apartments on Western Avenue are on the divide between Cabbage Hill and the Honey Creek watershed (in other words, the cabbage flows west, the honey flows east!).

Honey Creek is said to start at Pizza Hut on Western, though clearly encased in a culvert somewhere. Past the entrance to Brewers Heights, it was the ravine at Johnny’s Burgers, filled in for the replacement Taco Bell.

It now continues entirely underground from its start, through Kroger’s parking lot, then briefly gasps fresh air just past that.

It’s quickly culverted underground again under the car wash, Bob Evan’s, and the former car dealership which is now Family Health Care.

Then it’s out in the open again in front of the Franklin Houses, sunning under the stone bridge. It feeds the lake in front of Governor’s Place, which were dug out as clay pits for a brick factory.

It goes underground at Traditions, where it used to run freely behind the old tavern demolished there about 1990. The tributary that University Drive runs up, is now tunnelized there too.

Then Honey Creek is out in the open again and running north a bit behind the Jehova’s Witnesses – between Traditions and the Chillicothe County Club, and Annis Court. (If you jump too high on the CCC diving board, you might end up in the creek!)

After a right-angle turn to the east in that wilderness, the bridge on Woodbridge Avenue passes over it. (It’s not named after a wooden bridge, but after a Mr. Woodbridge.)

Beware of the Honey Creek Troll under the not-so wooden bridge of Woodbridge!
Beware of the Honey Creek troll under the not-so wooden bridge of Woodbridge!

Then it goes underground for the last time just before the southern leg of Fairway Avenue, south of Arch Street at the entrance to the apartments beside Central Center.

And that is where my “Cabin Fever” bus tour will cross Honey Creek…but not for the first time, on March 15th, 2015.

Yes, this is a sales pitch!

But come join us 1-3 or 3-5 Sunday. Tickets on sale now at the Ross-Chillicothe Convention & Visitors Bureau – and there’s a freebie for the first five tickets paid for.

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